Anybody can be an entrepeneur because it’s 1% ability and 99% grit.

Think You're not 'Good Enough' to launch a Company?


“Wimmer is the Sun Tzu of the startup World!”
Joshua Skule, CEO of Bow Wave LLC

“Follow your passion”  OK for hobbies. But for business?  Face adulthood.

“Find your why 
Buyers on a budget don’t give a damn about your why.


“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”  Most quoted by…bankruptcy attorneys!

20 Actionable Things Good Enough Will Help You Do When Launching YOUR Company!


Learn how to…

1. Assess the Federal Government as a potential customer for your company.
2. Create effective strategies to help win the mental game of entrepreneurship.
3. Align your goals with the best growth strategy (e.g., income strategy, equity creation strategy).
4. Identify the best horizontal (service offerings) and vertical (target customers) markets.
5. Create a legal business entity that protects your personal assets and avoids double taxing.
6. Select a company name that doesn’t disenfranchise your employees while adding value to your marketing.
7. Reach tens of thousands of potential customers and/or partners with minimal effort and costs.
8. Make your company immediately standout as one of the top 1% in your competitive field.
9. Hire and effectively manage your key employees in the order that you will likely need them.
10. Manage Cash flow to avoid excessive finance fees.
11. Identify helpful government programs that your company may be eligible.
12. Determine what should be outsourced and what should be performed in-house.
13. Identify the corporate infrastructure that your company really needs and when you really need it.
14. Learn how to price your services so that you do not win yourself out of business.
15. Select the most comprehensive (and cheapest!) benefits packages, HR support services, and 401K plan providers.
16. Create marketing material that works…in the most efficient way possible.
17. Identify when YOU need to change your job description as the leader of a growing business.
18. Determine the ideal corporate office and when/how you should negotiate your first lease.
19. Learn to play chess via corporate discriminators while your competitors are playing checkers.
20. Position your company to become an acquisition target.

Entrepreneurship is hard enough without stepping on landmines…


Avoiding startup mines is critical to your company’s success!

MBA coursework, SBA programs and entrepreneurship accelerators provide “ivory tower” training and do not discuss the harsh realities of the real world!

Randal Wimmer launched his first company in 2003 and enjoyed his last industry exit in 2020 with a successful sale.  During this 17-year run, he stepped on nearly every mine as he crossed the the startup minefield!

In Good Enough, Randal shares his unvarnished startup mistakes, and most importantly, how YOU can avoid making these same mistakes.

Download Chapter one

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A Note from the Author…

I wrote Good Enough for my sons.  I tried to write them a book that I would have benefited from reading…one that provided actionable steps, using real examples.

As I was launching my first company, I desperately needed a book to help me overcome the demons of self-doubt faced by most aspiring entrepreneurs, while pointing out various startup landmines to avoid. If I could have benefited from this book, then, hopefully, you may as well.

Ultimately, I wrote this book to show my sons and other readers that they’re good enough to walk up to the plate and swing for greatness!

-Randal Wimmer

100% Actionable Insights

Good Enough transforms vague entrepreneurial principles into discreet, actionable insights by applying them to a real-world startup example.

To dig deeper into the frequently glossed-over details of starting a company, Good Enough uses the launch of a Federal Government contracting startup as an immersive case study.

Why use this market as a case study?

The Federal Government buys nearly everything and can easily (and significantly!) augment any target market.

Good Enough Uses Real Business Examples to See Business Concepts in Action!


Using the FedGov Contracting Industry as an Immersive Case Study, Good Enough walks through every facet of launching a successful startup.

Why use a GovCon Startup Case Study?

The US Government earmarks HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of contract dollars for small businesses…every year!


If you can think of it, the FedGov is buying it in sufficient quantities to make you extremely wealthy.

ANY COMPANY can diversify and expand their revenue base by supporting the FedGov.

FedGov Contracting is one of the absolute best markets for first time entrepreneurs due to its low cost of market competition.

FedGov spending is increasing at an alarming rate EVERY YEAR…which is bad for taxpayers, but wonderful for GovCon business owners!

 Randal Wimmer

Randal Wimmer is a successful serial entrepreneur in various industries. His companies have been awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, landing on the Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies List and the Washington Technology Fast 50 List on multiple occasions.

His family-owned and -operated nonprofit organization is the recipient of the President George H. W. Bush Points of Light Award, our Nation’s most prestigious honor for volunteerism.

Presently, Wimmer is CEO of the ISO Certification Group and Founding Provost of the Government Contracting Academy, the leading training provider for small businesses in the GovCon industry. Wimmer’s hardest entrepreneurial obstacle to overcome was believing that he was good enough.