Starting a company in some industries requires detailed technical expertise or tremendous business experience. For example, inventing a new kidney dialysis machine and taking it to market would require a mind-boggling amount of technical knowledge, business acumen, and sales expertise to simply penetrate the market. Successfully launching a company like this is like qualifying for the 100M sprint in the Olympics. You must have a no-kidding, God-given ability. You either have it–or you don’t.

No matter how hard I trained, I would never be in the same league as an Olympic sprinter. In a race with Usain Bolt, he would be at the finish line, offering me a hot dog that he just bought at a concession stand, as I lumber past him. Launching a startup company based upon complex technology or tremendous scale is a very daunting task that should not be attempted by “good” people. Leave that to the incredibly gifted and extremely well-funded “great” people. But here’s some good news.

Starting a Federal Government contracting company is less like qualifying for the Olympics and more like hiking the Appalachian Trail. Both are tremendous life events. However, one relies upon superhuman ability, and the other depends almost exclusively upon effort. 

I’m not discounting the magnitude of hiking the Appalachian Trail, I’m just stating that the barrier to attempt this feat is tremendously lower than competing in the 100M at the Olympics!

If properly motivated, most people could hike the Appalachian Trail from beginning to end. Here’s a hypothetical question:

What if you were offered millions of dollars to hike the entire Appalachian Trail?

Most people would be buying hiking boots and a light-weight tent! If you have the commitment to try and the grit to see it through, then you have a fighting chance to be successful.

Just forget about beating Usain Bolt…

That guy is fast!

Unfortunately, President Theodore Roosevelt was unable to write a glowing review of this book since he’s been dead for a century. However, he would certainly endorse my views. Why? Because I unabashedly stole his views! Embedded in his “Citizenship in a Republic” speech given in Paris in 1910 is his famous “Man in the Arena” excerpt. This is the most important piece of prose a small business owner can know because it perfectly describes entrepreneurship. In my humble opinion, Teddy nails it

This excerpt gives hope to “average Joes and Janes” like you and me. Roosevelt does not describe the necessity for genius, ample venture capital, or a strong advisory board to be successful. The man described in the above excerpt “errs…and comes short again and again.” This sounds eerily like me! Roosevelt continues to describe a person who can take a punch and get up with his face “marred by dust and sweat and blood.” Roosevelt’s hero is not dependent upon having God-given talents or any advantages of personal circumstance. Instead, his hero must only choose to enter the arena and to get up when knocked down. He must only choose to be great.

Success is a choice, and that is especially true in the Federal Government contracting industry. 

With knowledge, government contracting evolves into a numbers game with very large payoffs! Frequently, winning a single prime contract can make you a multimillionaire. If you put in the requisite effort, then you will be successful. It is simple probabilities and statistics. 


Success is not easy, but it is incredibly simple.


Every successful entrepreneur has simply gotten up just one more time than they were knocked down. 

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